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At Step Towards Balance, we pride ourselves on creating a relaxing, friendly atmosphere for you to heal.


We are your local reflexologist dedicated to providing a balanced approach and genuine results. With over 20 years experience, we have carefully curated a range of treatments to suit a variety of needs.

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If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.


With 20 years experience in Foot Reflexology and Massage, I am accustomed to seeing similar problems present themselves.

Foot Reflexology

Our feet hold a mirror image of our body, with 72,000 nerve endings in each foot. This makes the feet the ideal place to start. Your feet will love you for the attention, I guarantee it!!



Reflexology / Massage Combo

An extremely deep, remedial treatment, with amazing results. The Reflexology, working on the nerve endings in the feet, get to the root cause of a problem, effectively working from the inside, out. The Massage then takes care of the surface muscle tension. A win/win treatment.


The Raindrop Technique

This treatment uses the high, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living. This company offers amazing quality oils. If you are after a treatment that is gentle (almost ticklish), and deeply remedial on all levels, then the Raindrop Technique is for you. It combines massage, Tibetan reflexology, aromatherapy, and Native American Indian traditions.


The Bitsa

For something really different, I offer a combination of energy therapies in what I call a “Bitsa” treatment. It includes affirmations, crystals, sound, and vibrational healing. This really is a special treatment.


Coming Soon…

I am always expanding my knowledge and seeking new innovative treatments to offer YOU. I am currently studying Tapping / Life Coaching and will be offering this service in future.

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